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June 22nd, 2006 by bill · 4 Comments

»Instead of simply deleting spam, or reporting it to Askimet, we decided to actually reply to it.


We get so much feedback in our comments (I mean sometimes hundreds of comments per day) that I’m just going to reply here. Sorry but I have to clip and edit some of the comments.

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No, thank you peto40. I’m not sure about the rest of your comment, and boy do you have a lot of links!

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Thanks. I know we can do better, but your comment its encouragement.

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health, we are happy that we appeared useful to you. Appearance is half the battle. We’ll try to appear even better in the future!

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nikeli, most people overlook the cognitive abilities of our site so it came as a pleasant surpise that you picked up on that. And thanks, I appreciate your prognostication! (I’m not sure about all those links in your comment. I didn’t have time to visit them but I’m sure they’re cognitive too.)

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cirky, thanks. We try, but it’s people like you who make it worth all the effort! I’m impressed that you use Bookmarks already; it’s an upcoming technology and doesn’t have all the bugs worked out yet. Do you mind sharing your experience with Bookmarks?

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Thank you arvilkg, but I think you’re exagerating. We’re not above hyperbole, though. You are the greatest!

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peto40, you’re back! Return visitors are the lifeblood of cheap online troma dolls. Swim dolphins indeed!

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Thank you jipeto. Thank you thank you. Tell Bob and Alice “hi” from us.

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temnota, Sure! Please send some information on your site and we’ll discuss it (I sure hope “dead or alive” isn’t a threat). Can you get those troma dolls?

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ppionerk, I’m sorry; we’re all out of the discount loptochopto, but we’ll get more in soon.

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We are impressed by successful stories too. Some are really amazing. Have you heard of Gordon Liddy? Pretty amazing guy. Worked his way up, Marine, FBI, White House, etc. etc. Then he had a decent-sized scrape with the law. But, after being released from prison he has worked his way up other ladders.

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ssborni, very good comment. Thanks for writer!

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Thank you pasty ibex bill. :-)

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geroin, I’m sorry but there’s no Jane here. Wrong number?

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Sure, utilize! red rover red rover! Land Cruiser FJ 4×4 ! V8 Hemi Carburator Injection! Dog walking! Monkey excitement! GPS Big dog Pampilut. Elderly Monkey prawns!

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pastry, thank you but we’re not for sale in the uk. US and Canada orders only.

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Thank you so much, nikel. Again. Your cognitive too.

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Sefny, thanks for the links. Something happened and I had to fix them up a bit.

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No kidding. You’ve really captured it there, casinox. If you don’t have it, you’ve got nothing.

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shoppix, thanks for the compliment. Oh, those are nice. Where did you get them?

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Micaelel, thanks for the links. Something happened (again) and I had to fix them up a bit (again).

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ppionerkuh, uh, okay thanks! Do you like the US or Canadian side? BTW, I think it’s “Niagara.”

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Thank you, marvilk. So interesting comment, thanks! :-) What kind of cats do you have?

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Hello? No Jane here.

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Thanks, paspar. Those wild cats, you never know what they’re going to get into.

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Indeed, Alvintard.

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Thank you, barryc. (Sorry but I had to cut the rest of your comment.)

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Thank you, and welcome back, paspar.

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paspar, you’re a regular, so you should know we don’t have a prawn gallery. Yet! Do your cats enjoy cod liver oil? Oh, the GPS V is pretty old. You should try the Garmin 60CSx — it’s superb.

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No Jane. Let me introduce you to temnota.

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Yes, I know.

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Thanks. Bookmarks rule. I’m learning about them now!

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Sigh. Thank you.

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thanks paspar.

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perroxtox, I don’t know what to say, except that you must love your prawns. gooyeti?

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kickatoxa, thank you. Impression is nine tenths, you know. Have you met perroxtox?

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paris france video, is the movie to sell conference space, or just marketing to folks travelling? I am not sure I understand the next sentence, but I think some of the players in Cats must have had some body paint, but mostly I’d think it was actual costumes. Closeups of prawns on a black backdrop might be okay, but make sure the lighting is right. If you’ve got asian lenses, use them; otherwise, use what you’ve got. Cheerleaders do a lot of things, but I thought striping is usually done by road crews…?

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tixbix, “bums” are tight because they don’t have money. Don’t you see them asking for loose change, a buck, or all your money? It’s because they’re down on their luck and need money for booze and drugs. Instead of walking by them, next time take a “bum” to the PotO movie with you. Or put them in your music videos.

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Hi, big chest round bum (is that like Dances With Wolves?). I agree — most of what comes out of Hollywood is torture. You can just not go see the movies and not watch them on the TV. Send a message.

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girlmode tongs, do you cook? Wow, that sounds like an exciting show!

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jujucat, that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, ppioner. You should put up a flickr gallery.

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Thank you so much, kipetoe.

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